Wieke Gur

Training, Coaching & Consulting

Integrated Marketing Communications

The impact of social media, mobile technology, and big data has forced businesses to shift their marketing focus from the traditional four P's of marketing (product, place, price, and promotion) to the four C's of social (content, connecting, community and curating). Integrated marketing communications skill is very important if you want to create valuable brands and winning your consumers. Having the right knowledge will help you make the right decision when it comes to advertising, promotion, digital marketing and social media communication.

Intercultural (Business) Communication

An emerging quality that will be demanded of all CEOs of the future is cultural intelligence. Unfortunately intercultural competence does not come naturally for everybody. Through a custom-designed program, an intercultural training will give people the ability not only to communicate, or share information, with people from other cultures and social groups; but also to lead multicultural team and to integrate diverse resources and help the business make best use of the multiple perspectives that a multicultural workforce brings to the workplace.