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About Me


Thank you for visiting my site. Here, you’ll find information about me, my passion and my work. 

With more than 18 years of marketing and 7 years of Intercultural Training experience, I have worked with multi-national companies across countries including Australia, Singapore and Indonesia and have gained a reputation for being a global marketing communication and inter-cultural specialist. My deep expertise enables me to assist companies in improving inter-cultural engagement, manage change more effectively and ultimately, grow revenue. 

I have published multiple articles, founded an Indonesian language online resource, Bahasa Kita, and authored business simulation tools such as Diversophy used in management and training programs. I have also been invited to speak at many global events on topics including business, language and cultural diversity.

Please read my blog if you have time. I don't write regularly. I am inspired to write whenever I experience my cross-cultural moments, when I see people oversimplified ideas about how people from other cultures operate, when I witness cultural misunderstandings or when I am triggered by incidents where brand causes the rise and fall of individuals or organisations.

My other interests are reading, traveling, art and song writing. Through music and lyrics I see myself as no more than a medium.

I was born in Indonesia. I was educated in marketing communications, international studies and information management. I have worked in various industries such as advertising, banking, publishing and hospitality. I now divide my time between Indonesia, Australia and the Netherlands.