Thank you for visiting my site. Here, you’ll find information about me, my passion, my work in intercultural work with particular specialization in Intercultural training, Cross-cultural Management, Southeast Asian perspectives and cultures (Indonesia, Singapore, overseas Chinese in particular), and Australian culture.

You can read my blog and other information that I hope you will find useful, or check out my cross-cultural game tool which could help you and your team deal successfully with people of other backgrounds. If you would like to contact me for speaking engagements, all information is here too.

Wieke’s work with the Board of Directors and executive have opened our eyes in the way in which we communicate and reach agreement with our valued Indonesian business partners.

Garry Johnson, CEO - Steel Blue, Perth, Australia.

The language and cross-cultural awareness that Wieke promotes are important ingredients to business success, and the training she has offered both myself, and a number of our Members, has been effectively and professionally delivered.

Phil Turtle, National Vice President - Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC)

The training and mentorship provided by Wieke was outstanding and certainly contributed to our success in Lupin Foods Australia. Thank you Wieke.

David Fienberg, CEO - Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC)

As one of our intercultural learning game authors, Wieke is excellent at preempting deadlines with quality work, accepts and embraces feedback, as well as surprising us with on-target initiatives.

Dr. George Simons, CEO and Founder - Diversophy, France

Thank you for the contribution you made to the success of the Bosch programme in Jakarta. From talking to the participants at the end, I know that the programme was a mind-opening experience for them.

Wendy Pickford, Project Director - Duke Corporate Education, UK

Wieke is a great asset for the community of Indonesian language learners and her BahasaKita site a very useful tool for students of the Indonesian language.

Dr. Uli Kozok, Professor at University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

Your involvement enhanced the program and provided great benefit to those who attended. The knowledge that you shared with the attendees to give them a better understanding of Indonesian culture was greatly appreciated.

Dennis Volk, President of Australian Property Institute (WA Division)

Wieke is a highly professional person. Having worked in a number of different professional fields, she is efficient and reliable in her approaches to any task or challenge that she undertakes.

Sue Cooper, Teacher of Indonesian; President of Indonesian Teachers’ Association of WA (WILTA)

I am a native Indonesian. I have been living in Australia for 17 years. I now divide my time between Indonesia, Australia and Europe. For more testimonials, please click here.

Cross Culture

I see myself as a cultural explorer. I seek constant opportunities to embrace, discover, and immerse myself in the entire experience of the culture, people and settings of the places I visit. As a digital nomad I live, work and travel anywhere. I have visited, lived, studied and worked in more than twelve countries.

As a trainer/coach, I have delivered programs to people from Australia, Indonesia, America, UK, Norway, Germany, India, Argentina, and Ecuador. My area of expertise are Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia. I speak fluent English and Indonesia. I am currently studying Dutch and Arabic.


I have marketing background from University of Indonesia. I also studied Information Management at Curtin University of Technology.

As a communication professionals, I build up trust by being pro-active, innovative, creative, respectful and responsible through the right configuration of different marketing communication channels that suit my clients needs.

Ongoing technological innovation has changed the field of communication at a rapid pace, and I enjoy adapting myself in a field that is constantly on the move.

Social Media

I am a social media believer too. I have watched how social media has become completely main stream and is driving a fundamental shift in the way people communicate, find and consume information, influence each other and create global changes since 2005.

I have been using social media myself to express my passion, share my knowledge, communicate with people worldwide and observe the online consumer behaviour from different places and background . My reader base on my FB page has reached more than 700.000 and growing.