Get your organisation to act more strategically, implement effective, sustainable cross-cultural business practices and develop best practice intercultural management systems.

With my expertise in a number of inter-related aspects of running a business: business, culture and language to support the global business we can work together on cross cultural global business/marketing strategy that work and are sustainable.

I am able to recommend strategies that consider both the front and back end of business operations. All my work is underpinned by the desire to prepare organisations to be globally ready. I always personalise my approach in dealing with issues as they arise.

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Cultural awareness
Cultural understanding
Global mind set development
Living & working in Indonesia
Living & working in Singapore
Living & working in Australia
Doing business with Indonesian
Doing business with Singaporean
Doing business with Australian

Cultural Intelligence
Cross-cultural business strategy
Cross-cultural business planning
Cross-cultural business coaching
Facilitation of meetings/negotiations
Project management

Understanding Indonesian clients
Communication strategy
Communication planning
Communication channel configuration (online & offline)
Content development
Content marketing
Content management
Social media

The language program is designed to meet the specific needs of international assignees, family members, business travelers, and other non-relocating individuals. It includes general and advanced training, accent modification, and advanced business communication.

Training is available for Indonesian language (formal and colloquial) and Singlish. Singlish is the English-based creole or patois spoken colloquially in Singapore

Translation services for all marketing/branding communication purposes (from English to Indonesian)

Speaking Engagement