I have worked with these fabulous people on so many interesting and challenging projects together.

  • Garry Johnson, CEO at Steel Blue, Perth, Australia.

    We at Steel Blue have been doing business in Indonesia for close to 15 years and thought we understood Indonesian culture until we met Wieke. Wieke’s work with the Board of Directors and executive have opened our eyes in the way in which we communicate and reach agreement with our valued Indonesian business partners. The results for all stakeholders has been most beneficial not only have we built a stronger partnership each party has a greater awareness of potential culture conflicts and can put in place tactics to mitigate. Wieke’s professionalism in dealing with Steel Blue was most commendable and she was able to get her point across in a very effective manner. Publications and supporting material was again of a high standard, easy to read and very pragmatic. Additionally Wieke freely made available here extensive network in Indonesia to assist Steel Blue.

  • Phil Turtle National, Vice President of Australia Indonesia Business Council

    Wieke has been involved with the Australia Indonesia Business Council for a number of years, and has been an energetic contributor all along the way. The language and cross-cultural awareness that Wieke promotes are important ingredients to business success, and the training she has offered both myself, and a number of our Members, has been effectively and professionally delivered. I would recommend Wieke most highly to any individual or organisation looking to enhance their understanding of Doing Business in Indonesia.

  • David Fienberg, CEO at Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC)

    Wieke Gur initially provided Indonesian language training and this progressed to include Cultural Awareness training for Indonesia. The training and mentorship provided by Wieke was outstanding and certainly contributed to our success in Lupin Foods Australia. Thank you Wieke.

  • Dr. George Simons, CEO and Founder at Diversophy, France

    Do it now, do it right.

    Most recently Wieke has collaborated with us to create an insightful intercultural learning game on Indonesia in our diversophy® series and has engaged with us to partner the marketing and distribution of our products worldwide via a variety of media.

    Wieke is excellent at preempting deadlines with quality work, accepts and embraces feedback, as well as surprising us with on-target initiatives. I have accused her of being a front for a team of people, given the amount and quality of her work!

    In addition, she has been actively and responsibly engaged in the development of a new branch of our SIETAR organization in Australasia, where she currently serves as organisation business strategist.

    Highest recommendations for this "do it now, do it right" colleague.less.

  • Wendy Pickford, Project Director - Duke Corporate Education, UK

    Now that I have returned to London, I wanted to write to you personally to thank you for the contribution you made to the success of the Bosch programme in Jakarta. From talking to the participants at the end, I know that the programme was a mind-opening experience for them. In their short time in Indonesia they were able to experience something of how business and society works and to gain an insight into the challenges facing the country and other rapidly developing economies. I know by the end that many of them were forced to think quite deeply about the contribution which Bosch could make to improving life in Indonesia and to reflect on their role as leaders.

    To this end, I think your contribution and in particular your support to help them understand a little about the culture of Indonesia.

  • Dr. Uli Kozok, Professor at University of Hawaii at Manoa

    Wieke is a great asset for the community of Indonesian language learners and her BahasaKita site a very useful tool for students of the Indonesian language.

  • Catalina Schmit, Global Assignment Coordinator – Team Lead at Cultural Awareness International, Dallas, Tx.

    We would like to thank you for participating as part of our CAI intercultural team for the Australia - 1DLW program you conducted on our behalf.

    We appreciate your time and contribution. The information you shared with the participants was very valuable and insightful.

    We look forward to working with you again!

  • Dennis Volk, President of Australian Property Institute (WA Division) (WA Division)

    On behalf of the Australian Property Institute I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you for addressing the delegates of the API’s 2013 Regional Conference on Saturday 27 April and on Sunday 28 April.

    This event is one of the core events on the API’s calendar. We strive to deliver valuable content each year and this year our decision to hold the event overseas in Bali was about delivering a broader experience to the delegates. Your involvement enhanced the program and provided great benefit to those who attended. The knowledge that you shared with the attendees to give them a better understanding of Indonesian culture was greatly appreciated and very well received. We hope you enjoyed the experience.

    We also appreciate you taking time out from your schedule to contribute to this event.

    Thank you once again for your time and professionalism in making this event the success it was.

  • Sue Cooper, Teacher of Indonesian; President of Indonesian Teachers’ Association of WA

    Wieke is a highly educated and experienced person with a degree in marketing from the University of Indonesia. She has also studied Information Management at Curtin University. She is completely bilingual in Indonesian and English. Wieke runs a website dedicated to the structures, grammar, vocabulary and idioms of Indonesian which is consulted by Indonesianists at all levels from primary through to tertiary. She has experience in teaching Indonesian at secondary, tertiary and adult level, and in examining students in Year 12 Indonesian 2nd Language.

    Wieke is a highly professional person. Having worked in a number of different professional fields, she is efficient and reliable in her approaches to any task or challenge that she undertakes. Wieke has written an Indonesian course for adults that is used by the Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth, following a framework provided by the Perth Central Institute of Technology. She also teaches that course, requiring her to plan effectively and use efficient time-management strategies in delivering lessons.

    Wieke is a highly approachable person with a positive and supportive outlook. She has excellent relationships with both colleagues and students. I consider her to be eminently suited to the role of Examiner in Indonesian language.