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What I Do

I love what I do and I do what I love. Cultural differences always intrigue me, finding similarities challenge me.

International Communication

I assist individuals and organisations who deal with foreign clients and partners and/or are in global business operation, developing their communication skill and building their brand globally. If you recognise the challenge of cultural differences and the need to communicate effectively or simply require an expert and outside opinion, you are more than welcome to discuss it with me.

The program includes small talk, meeting etiquette, negotiation technique, marketing campaign or localisation.

Intercultural Training

Intercultural competence does not come naturally for everybody. I develop and deliver Intercultural Training program to support the success of an international assignment for you or your employees. Through a custom-designed program, the training will give people the ability to integrate diverse resources and help the business make best use of the multiple perspectives that a multicultural workforce brings to the workplace.

As a Subject Matter Expert(SME) my area of expertise is Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.


Branding should precede and underlie any marketing effort. In an increasingly complex and competitive global business, a clear brand is a powerful brand. My role is to assist clients in brand positioning by defining who you are and what you stand for; brand expression through brand identity communication strategy and brand engagement with customers and public in general as the basis of their marketing strategy.